3410 Elemental Mercury Generator

Elemental Mercury Generator (Model 3410)

The Elemental Mercury Generator (Model 3410) provides NIST traceable calibration gas for system calibration. The 3410 is an added, programmable calibration gas source that complements the standard calibration gas source already integrated inside the 3400 HgCEM, necessary to comply with USEPA and other government regulations. 

It can be used as a stand-alone mercury source and calibration system for monitoring or control technology research. The 3410 can be set to automatically generate multi-point calibration gas. The 3410 delivers elemental mercury gas using a NIST traceable, temperature controlled, saturated mercury vapor source. Precision mass flow controllers dilute the mercury source output to the desired value. The generator is capable of continuously producing large flow rates of calibration gas at virtually no ongoing cost.


  • Coal fired power plant emissions 
  • Waste incinerator emissions
  • Third Party CEMS auditing
  • Cement manufacturing emissions
  • Metrology labs
  • Bench scale testing
  • Mercury removal process monitoring
  • Laboratory & field research

All Tekran analysers are sold with 1 years parts warranty as STANDARD.

The warranty can, at additional cost, be extended for total peace of mind. Please call to discuss options for this.

Tekran analysers require periodic service and maintenance to both satisfy the requirements of the warranty and to ensure that the highest possible data capture rates are maintained.

Enviro Technology has a large team of in-house and field based service engineers who regularly receive “factory training” and can provide the very best levels of service and support.

Enviro Technology and Tekran recommend that the 3410 Elemental Mercury Generator is serviced every 6 months of continuous operation.

A wide range of servicing options are available and can include:

- Pre-scheduled on-site planned maintenance (every 6 months).

- Emergency on-site call-out within agreed timescales (i.e. 48 hours).

- Supply of consumable items (i.e. sample inlet filters).

- Supply of calibration gases and permeation tubes.

- Supply of permeation tube calibrators and zero air generators

- Remote analyser “health-checks” and diagnostics.

- Return-to-base servicing options.

- Local site operation services.

- Data collection and data management services.

Please contact either our sales or customer services teams to request a quotation for on-going servicing and maintenance on this analyser.

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