The SkySpec instrument series from AirYX allow users to perform low-effort, efficient and reliable atmospheric observations with the Passive DOAS (Differential Optical Absorption Spectroscopy) method (according to VDI standard 4212). The measurements provide information on the tropospheric and stratospheric concentration and distribution of various trace gases, e.g. NO2, SO2,formaldehyde, and aerosol optical depth. Also other high precision spectroscopic applications are possible like surface reflection spectroscopy.

The covered spectral range and resolution of the instruments can be customized and adapted to the needs of the user. With our long experience of several decades in spectroscopy we optimize spectrometer configurations and setups to achieve best possible measurements with highlight throughput and best achievable noise level. Besides the single spectrometer configuration we also offer a double spectrometer system to cover a larger spectral range with optimum spectral properties.

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  • Passive DOAS especially MAX (Multi Axis) – DOAS measurements of NO2, SO2, HCHO (and others)
  • Direct Sun DOAS measurements, retrieval of stratospheric and tropospheric total columns of various gases
  • Application on mobile platforms e.g. ships
  • Air quality monitoring and trace gas measurements in urban, rural and pristine environments
  • Emission plume studies of e.g. power plants, industrial complexes or volcanoes
  • Total flux measurements of e.g. NO2, SO2, HCHO of power plants, industrial complexes, cities or volcanoes
  • Scientific studies involving measurements of NO2, SO2, HCHO, HONO, H2O, Glyoxal, BrO, IO, Ozone

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