Mini MPL Datasheet


Micro Pulse Lidar (MPL) is a sophisticated laser remote sensing system that provides continuous, unattended monitoring of the profiles and optical properties of clouds and aerosols in the atmosphere.

Based on the same principle as radar, MPL transmits laser pulses that scatter (reflect) off particles in the atmosphere. MPL then measures the intensity of backscattered light using photon-counting detectors, and transforms the signal into atmospheric information in real time.

The MiniMPL is a Micro Pulse LiDAR innovation that takes lidar technology to a new level of portability, power efficiency, and cost effectiveness, while maintaining an exceptional signal-to-noise ratio.

MiniMPL is optimized for near-range atmospheric observation (up to 15 kilometers). Both feature durable coaxial transceiver design and sensitive single-photon detection.

It is the first lidar on the market that has all the electronics integrated with the optics in one box. Smaller than a carry-on suitcase and weighing only 12 kilograms, a single operator can easily manage the instrument. With an attractive price tag, Mini-MPL is readily deployable for fixed sites or field campaigns.

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  • High-resolution aerosol profiling
  • Optically robust, resistant to misalignments
  • Low-maintenance, optimized laser
  • Eye safe (ANSI Class II)
  • Continuous, autonomous data collection
  • Operational in minutes

Who can Benefit from MPL Technology?

  • Meteorologists – to enhance weather and air quality forecasts
  • Atmospheric and environmental researchers and regulators - to improve   
    models and emissions estimates by determining the extent of manmade and natural aerosols and measuring PBL height and trends
  • Airports and air traffic controllers– to optimize aviation safety through enhanced cloud and volcanic ash profiling
  • Wind farm planners – to help improve wind pattern forecasts for site evaluation and management

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