Mini MPL


The Mini Micro Pulse LiDAR (MiniMPL) is a small form factor, low-power, elastic backscatter lidar. The instrument is a ground-based, optical, remote-sensing system designed to determine the altitude of clouds and to detect atmospheric aerosols. Pulses of energy are transmitted into the atmosphere; the energy scattered back to the transceiver is collected and measured as a time-resolved signal, thereby detecting clouds and aerosols in real time.

MPL and MiniMPL are the only LiDARs simultaneously approved for NASA MPLNET, US Dept of Energy ARM program, and EUMETNET.

The MiniMPL delivers advanced cloud and planetary boundary layer data for atmospheric profiling up to 15 km. Make the fastest and most accurate decisions based on reliable information.


  • Planetary Boundary Layer Characterization
  • Pollution Characterization
  • Weather Modification Research
  • Wildfire Monitoring and Prediction
  • Plume Monitoring
  • Urban Air Quality Monitoring and Prediction


Lifecycle Care Program:

  • 3 years or 3 calls (whichever comes first)
  • Regular maintenance
  • Factory calibration
  • Door-to-door logistics

Science Care Program:

  • 40 hours of Droplet application scientist support for:
  • Data screening
  • Data validation
  • Data correction

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