Sven Leckel Single Filter Gravimetric Sampler (KFG LVS-3)

Sven Leckel Single Filter Gravimetric Sampler (KFG LVS-3)

A single filter sampler designed for outdoor use at very high as well as very low temperatures (can also be used indoors)

  • Tough, light-weight construction, small set-up area
  • Device will be automatically heated (winter operation) and ventilated
  • Controlling of operating-m3/h (ambient air conditions)
  • Easy, 3-key menu-guided operation, equipped with microcontroller
  • Preselectable activation, sampling duration and sampling intervals
  • Protection of stored data against power failure, real-time clock
  • Large illuminated digital display
  • Low-noise vacuum pump with controlled rotation speed
  • External set-up of inlets

For ambient air, indoor and workplace measurements

  • PM₁₀, PM₄.₀, PM₂.₅ and PM₁.₀ measurement
  • Total dust (VDI 2463)
  • Soot (EC) measurement (VDI 2465)
  • Asbestos measurement (VDI 3492)
  • Measurement of dioxins and furans (VDI 3498)
  • Measurement of PAHs (VDI 3875)
  • Measurement of airborne moulds (VDI 4252)
  • Measurement of PCP/lindane (VDI 4301)

The dust collected on the filters can also be analysed on heavy metals (VDI 2267), ions (sulphate, nitrate etc.) as well as radioactivity.


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