Graywolf Toxic Gas Test Meter

Graywolf Toxic Gas Test Meter

An advanced, highly versatile, portable and semi-permanent multi-gas monitor

  • Easy to use and versatile - Select from one up to 6 gas sensors, plus temperature and %RH, in a single probe, from a choice of 25 different gases
  • Options for Formaldehyde, Airflow, Differential Pressure, Particulate, and more interconnecting sensors/meters
  • DirectSense II probe smart sensors are plug-and-play, changed for the application at-hand and when you want to add measurement parameters in the future
  • Plug in multiple probes (2, 3, even 4) simultaneously into a single meter
  • Log portable spot measurements, or trend log (unattended) over hours/days/weeks/months
  • Store enhanced survey information; data, text, and audio notes
  • Ability to auto-attach photos, videos, calibration details and more to data files
  • On-board sensor tips; government & industry guidelines, and cross-sensitivity info
  • Desktop data transfer and feature-rich reporting software included
  • Optional Advanced Report Generator software makes detailed report production ultra-efficient
  • Load your own application related documents or procedures (.pdf, Word, HTML, etc.) for field access

Advanced, highly versatile, portable and semi-permanent multi-gas monitors to measure ozone (O₃), ammonia (NH₃), chlorine (Cl₂), hydrogen sulfide (H₂S), sulphur dioxide (SO₂), nitrogen dioxide (NO₂), hydrochloric acid (HCl), hydrogen cyanide (HCN), hydrogen (H₂),  carbon dioxide (CO₂), chlorine dioxide (ClO₂) and more.

GrayWolf toxic gas monitors use rugged, embedded computer meters and economical mobile PCs to significantly improve toxic gas testing and reporting capability. GrayWolf multi-gas, toxic gas monitors, meters, detectors and instruments efficiently log data and allow better documentation for your surveys.


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