Technical Support Helpdesk

We operate a dedicated in-house technical helpdesk staffed by our expert, Senior Technical Support Engineer (TSE), Alan Fender and his team .

Alan has been with ET since 1998 and has amounted a wealth of experience in analysers, software and data communications.

Provided there is a communication link to the station, Alan can log-in remotely to check instrument status and run diagnostic checks. Our helpdesk triage system means that if an engineer does need to be deployed, they arrive with an understanding of the problem and come equipped to deal with it.

Service customers can contact TSE from 0900-1700, Monday-Friday (excluding UK public holidays) for immediate technical support and assistance, including software problems.

Customers with a Service contract in place should call our TSE on:

01453 733252

If you don't have a Service Contract you can still access technical support on this number:

44 (0) 9056 700006

(Premium line calls £1.20 per minute)

 Whilst we strive to offer on-going technical support to all of our customers, TSE requests are prioritised for clients with Service Contracts.

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