Generally speaking; high precision, high accuracy gas and particulate analysers require professionally designed and built enclosures for both security and protection at the point of measurement (i.e. at the roadside) and also internal temperature control for optimum measurement performance.

From small, discreet, space-saving roadside enclosures through to medium and large size “walk-in” cabins, ET has an enclosure solution for you.

Whether you only need an enclosure for a single NOx or PM analyser or an entire suite of analysers, our air quality experts can help you find the most appropriate enclosure for your specific application.

ET Demonstrating just how easy it is to access and work on instruments in an ET Skinny Roadbox air quality monitoring enclosure

ET Demonstrating just how easy it is to access and work on instruments in an ET PR5 roadside air quality monitoring enclosure

By utilising strong, long-lasting and rust-resistant materials, ET’s range of enclosures provide high levels of security and look good, for many years to come. Optimum instrument performance is guaranteed by the selection and fitting of the most reliable and applicable types of air-conditioning systems, carefully matched to the type and number of instruments to be housed within the enclosure.

Download our 'Comparison of Air Quality Monitoring enclosures' to see how a roadside AQ station should be properly fitted.

ET’s extensive range of enclosures come in many different standard sizes, styles and colours and we can also accommodate bespoke designs if required.

As well as being optimised for UK environmental conditions we can also design enclosures for long-term operation in some of the more challenging environments in the world including; deserts, mountains, tundra and jungles.

Benefits of an ET enclosure:

  • Configured, assembled and installed to ET’s ISO 9001 Quality standards.
  • All enclosure electrics installed by ET’s IEE 18th Edition qualified electricians.
  • Choice of temperature control options including energy-efficient air-conditioning units.
  • All enclosures built from long-lasting, high quality, waterproof and corrosion proof materials including GRP and composites.
  • Choice of instrument shelving and racking options and configurations.
  • Choice of external colours, textures and finishes.
  • And above all, designed to last.

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