Full version of the ET overview including excerpts from Professor Frank Kelly at Kings College and others.



Teledyne API - BLC Converter Technology

Microp Pulse LiDAR and its applications

Summer Smog

Scentinal Air Pollution Monitoring System

Ultra-portable, laser-based gas analysers for environmnetal and industrial applications from Los Gatos Research

 ET provides real-time instrumentation to help University College Cork with their important air quality research


Met One Instruments, Inc., BAM-1020



System M800 from Opsis for the measurement of ship engine emissions (SO2 and CO2 and other revelant gases)


Real Driving Emissions System from Opsis


TAPI's Blue Light Convertor technology explained below


BAM-1020 Basic Set up and Maintenance


The Smogmobile on the BBC 6 O'clock news


BBC Clip Southampton

ARA N-FRM Sampler


The BAM1020 Continuous Beta-attenuation Particulate Monitor

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