Elevated Co2 Isotope Analyser

CO2 Isotope Analyser - Elevated

LGR’s new “Carbon Dioxide Isotope Analyser - Elevated CO2“ provides many features that researchers need when measuring isotopic carbon dioxide from samples containing high levels of CO2 including:

• LGR’s Enhanced Performance package provides ultra-low drift and high precision

• Ability to measure CO2 as well as δ13C and δ18O in CO2 from 2% to 100% CO2

• Ability to analyze acidified carbonates

• Ability to analyze breath (human, mice)

LGR’s new “Carbon Dioxide Isotope Analyser - Elevated CO2“ provides measurements of δ13C and δ18O as well as mixing ratios of 13CO2, 12CO2, and 12C18O16O in gas samples with high precision in measurement times of less than a minute in an easy-to-use, field portable unit. Due to its inherently fast time response, the instrument provides δ13C and δ18O measurements over a wide range of even when CO2 values change rapidly as often happens during field studies.

All LGR Analysers now come with a 2 Year Warranty as standard, underlying the quality and robustness of their manufacture and high reliability. Warranties can also be extended to 3 or 4 years at additional cost, at the time of purchase. Please enquire for further details.

Under normal operation and for the vast majority of applications, LGR Off-axis ICOS gas analysers require the minimum of servicing and maintenance.

One of the many benefits of this technology is long-term unattended reliability in the field.

LGR Advantages

Annual maintenance would normally include an inspection of the internal pump (or external pump if fitted) and the replacement of the pump diaphragm and valve seals if necessary.

This can be carried out by the user themselves or by ET either on site or back in the ET workshop (for a maintenance quote, please contact us).

ET recommends that LGR Analyser users consider the purchase of a field maintenance kit which includes:

  • Replacement solid-state hard-drive with LGR operating system and specific system files pre-loaded, for quick and simple swap-out in the field if ever necessary.
  • Pump maintenance kit (internal) to include spare pump diaphragm and valve seals.
  • Mirror cleaning kit.

Please contact us if you would like to receive a quote for the field maintenance kit.

Additional maintenance will be required for the LGR Liquid Water Isotope Analyser (LWIA) and Auto-injector unit and also the LGR Dissolved Gas Extraction Unit (DGEU).

For these instruments, please refer to the operation manual supplied with these instruments.

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