Sven Leckel Sequential Gravimetric Sampler (SEQ47/50)

Sven Leckel Sequential Gravimetric Sampler (SEQ47/50)

A sequential sampler designed for outdoor use at all temperatures and environmental conditions

  • PM₁₀/PM₂.₅ standard reference sampler according to CEN EN 12341
  • Covered filters within the magazine for sampled filters
  • Sampling system equipped with sheath air
  • Temperature measurement directly downstream the currently sampled filter
  • Stainless steel housing for outdoor use

How it works

The Sven Leckel Sequential Gravimetric Sampler (SEQ47/50) is designed for outdoor use at all temperatures and environmental conditions. The sampler can also be installed into a 19″ rack. The magazines for the blank and sampled filters are able to load 17 filter holders, each. By covering the upper sampled filter holder and superimposition of the following filter holders within the magazine for the sampled filters the air volume above each filter is so small that particulate volatile material cannot evaporate into the air. Additionally, the complete sampling system up to the filter is cooled by sheath air. By these measures a reliable determination of the particle masses collected on the filters is guaranteed also after the complete sampling period. The filter holders (made of POM) are capable to take in filters with diameters of 47 mm and 50 mm as well. Filter holders for filters with a diameter of only 47 mm are also available

The inside diameter of the sampling tube (stainless steel) is 27 mm. The device’s housing consists of stainless steel sheet metal of 1,5 mm thickness with a lockable door (outdoor version). The further solid construction guarantees a maintenance-free operation of the sampler for a long operating period. 

The flow rate of the SEQ47/50 is controlled in compliance with basic physical principles by means of a temperature- and pressure-compensated orifice plate according to Bernoulli’s law and by conversion into operating-m³/h according to Boyle-Mariotte’s law. The flow rates as well as the temperature and pressure sensors can be easily re-calibrated by means of the 3 front keys. The air flow’s temperature is measured directly downstream the filter which is currently sampled.

The SEQ47/50 Sequential PM Sampler is now available with cooler.


  • Reference sampler for the measurement of heavy metals according to VDI 2267 and CEN EN14902
  • Impactor inlet with scrubber for the measurement of PAHs (BaP) according to CEN EN 15549
  • TSP inlet according to VDI 2463 parts 5 and 8
  • Use of filters with diameters of 47 mm as well as 47 and 50 mm
  • Bavarian-Hessian Protocol
  • Data logger function on USB stick
  • Option: GSM modem with SMS on smartphone
  • Option: cloudbox
  • Option: remote control


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