Sintrol S101 Inline Dust Detector

Sintrol S101 Inline Dust Detector

A high-performance, cost effective dust detector with two relays to indicate dust alarms for filter leak monitoring

  • Broken bag detection
  • Safeguard against unwanted dust
  • Real-time indication of increased dust levels
  • User friendly interface with LED lights to indicate dust levels
  • Fast response to changes in process conditions
  • Easy start up and commissioning
  • Rugged design (IP66 rated) perfect for monitoring in harsh environments
  • Available in EX version which is ATEX certified

How it works

The Sintrol S101/S101 EX has been specially designed to measure the concentration of dust particles inside pipes and ducts, making it an ideal solution for detecting filter leaks or failures in your industrial applications.

This high-performance dust detector provides a very fast response to dust leaks, making it a reliable and cost-effective solution. It has a user-friendly interface with LED lights that allow you to check dust levels at a glance.

The Sintrol S101’s rugged, IP66 rated design makes it suitable for monitoring even in the harshest of industrial environments.

The Sintrol S101 is available as the Sintrol 101 EX which is ATEX certified.


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