Storage of customer enclosures / analysers at ET premises policy & charges

1. Introduction

Enviro Technology Service Ltd (ET) understands that some customers may require short to medium-term storage of the air quality monitoring stations that we have built for them whilst they finalise locations and sites etc. We also understand that some customers may want us to store their new analysers, or even older assets for them for whatever reason.

This policy sets out our policy and scale of charges for storage at our Stroud based facility. This policy will come into force on 1st June 2020.

2. Payment and vesting
ET can only provide storage for new systems and analysers that have been paid for in full. Enviro Technology is able to issue vesting certificates for those customers who require them, confirming title of goods have passed from ET to the customer when payment is received. ET cannot provide storage for customer goods without payment having first been made.

3. Insurance.

Providing payment has been made and customer has agreed to pay the monthly storage charges as set out in section 5, ET will provide insurance for the goods whilst they are stored at the Company’s storage facility in Stroud.

4. Grace period (before charging begins).
Subject to prior agreement, ET may be able to provide Customers with up to a maximum of 1-month of storage free of charge if they are having difficulty in finalising site locations etc. As stated in sections 2 and 3 above, full payment must be received for the goods before storage can be agreed. Should storage be required beyond the 1-month FOC grace period, then the rates detailed in section 5 below will apply.

5. Storage charges
5a) Enclosure based monitoring systems (includes analysers).

Storage policy table 5a

5b) New Analysers
ET can provide storage for new analysers, even if they are not included in an enclosure / complete monitoring system as detailed in 5a. Storage charges for new analysers are shown below:

Storage policy table 5b

5c) Customer old analysers
ET may be able to agree to store Customers old analysers for short-term periods only. Storage charges for old analysers will be subject to the minimum of £25.00 per analyser month and ET will not be responsible for insurance of these customer assets or liable for any loss or damage.

5d) Customer old enclosures
Unfortunately, ET is not able to provide storage for old customer enclosures.

6. Maximum storage duration.
The standard maximum period of storage for new enclosures, and new enclosures is 12-months. It may be possible to extend this duration by special request and agreement by ET.

The standard maximum period of storage for customer old analysers is 3-months.

7. Warranty.
Customers should be reminded that the manufacturer warranty period for new analysers, equipment and air-conditioners etc. starts from the date that the equipment is tested and made ready for original delivery before being placed in storage. There may occasionally be some scope with some analyser manufacturers to agree to slightly extended warranty terms, as a goodwill gesture, allowing for some delays with regards to site readiness, but this is not an automatic entitlement. If customers wish to maximise the duration of the analyser and equipment warranty, then they are best advised to ensure that the site location is finalised and all site services ready and connected prior to the initial planned delivery date. (Therefore, negating the need for unduly long periods of storage).


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