Gas Cylinder Information

For new project installations.

Calibration gas cylinders that are provided by ET as part of our scope of supply for UK deliveries are subject to monthly cylinder rental charges levied by the gas cylinder manufacturing companies. The cylinder rental charges start when the cylinders are delivered to ET. Therefore, ET orders gas cylinders that form part of a project on a “just in time basis” only when the customer confirms in writing that the installation site is fully ready for ET to make arrangements for the delivery, installation and commissioning of the project.

Should subsequent delays that are outside of ET’s control occur after the customer has confirmed that the site is ready for installation, ET will invoice for the gas cylinder rental charges that accrue plus a handling fee until the time that the site delivery, installation and commissioning takes place.

For service contracts.

When calibration gas is included in the cost of an ET Service Contract, if the rented gas cylinders are not released to ET at the end of the service contract (within 7-days), we will invoice £500.00 per cylinder for the transfer of the cylinder to the customer’s ownership.

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