AQSafe Indoor Air Quality Monitor

AQSafe indoor air quality monitor observes indoor air quality with up to 12 sensor varieties, including pressure, temperature, relative humidity, and GPS. Our sensor detection ranges from dust (PM1, 2.5, and 10), noise, radiation, and many other chemical compounds found indoors.

The AQSafe features a compact, low profile design. It is both easy to install and operate. Not only has it been proven for long term stability, but all sensors have been calibrated and prepared for your space. The AQSafe is your new companion for indoor air quality monitoring, built with labour saving, cost-effective, and health and comfort measures in mind.

The AQSafe features built in software for graphical representation, statistical data, and alarm systems. The touch screen incorporates control over a variety of advanced gas sensor technologies, designed to monitor the target gases (which can be specified at the time of ordering).

AQSafe has played a key role in ensuring critical spaces such as isolation rooms, operating rooms, pharmacies, and cleanrooms are safe from contamination. The intelligent system continuously monitors all environmental parameters including pressure, temperature, humidity, particulates, CO2, O2, VOCs, and O3.

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