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Low Cost Sensors and Hire Equipment

With budgets being slashed across the board, we recognise the need for a range of low cost sensors for purchase. We can also offer hire options for reference method equipment, ideal for local authorities and those working within tight budgets. ET believes this would provide the ideal solution for those who demand high quality trend and indicative monitoring performance.

Diffusion Tubes
Designed for long term analysis of a wide range of gases. For use in outdoor air quality
monitoring applications.
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Zephyr - Air Quality Sensor
A compact and portable air pollution sensor for the measurement of gases and particulate matter formed from harmful emissions. It measures  NO2, NO, O3, PM1, PM2.5 and PM10 as standard with optional CO, SO2 and H2S. 
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E-Sampler - Laser Backscatter Particulate Monitor
The E-SAMPLER is the most feature-packed light-scatter Aerosol Monitor available.
Whatever your monitoring need the E-sampler will provide accurate, dependable and
relevant data.
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ES-642 Particulate Monitor
A wall mounted, compact PM10 / 2.5 or TSP monitor which automatically measures real-time airborne particulates.
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Neighborhood Particulate Monitor
A fast, simple, web-enabled, low-cost solution for measuring PM10, 2.5 or TSP resulting from traffic, construction, industry and public events etc.
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Hire SmogMobile - Mobile Air Quality Monitoring Laboratory
A 100% emission free mobile, AQ laboratory for the measurement of air quality long busy city streets and identifying pollution hotspots.
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Other reference method analysers can be hired on request. Please contact us for further details.

Please refer to the individual products main page for servicing information.

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