Model 5 OCEC Lab Instrument

OC-EC Lab Aerosol Analyser (Model 5)

This model serves as the basis for NIOSH Method 5040 and is fully compliant with the IMPROVE and EUSAAR2 protocols. With a base of more than 100 instruments installed worldwide, Sunset Laboratory is unmatched in experience with OC/EC instrumentation and measurement techniques. There is no comparable instrument on the market today.

Our instrument has been used to analyse a wide variety of sample types, including: ambient urban and rural areas, national parklands, forest fire plumes and oil fires from the Gulf War. Samples are typically collected as time-integrated composite filters, with loadings and times determined by the sample source and study goals.

The Sunset Laboratory Carbon Aerosol Analyser uses a proven thermal-optical method to analyse for organic and elemental carbon aerosols collected on quartz filters. The samples are thermally desorbed from the filter medium under an inert helium atmosphere followed by an oxidizing atmosphere using carefully controlled heating ramps. A flame ionization detector (FID) is used to monitor the analysis. Our proven low dead volume carrier gas control system and proprietary quartz oven design provide high sensitivity with ultra low carbon background and no oxygen contamination.


Features Include:

  •  OC/EC measurements for integrated filters and bulk samples
  •  Performs both NIOSH 5040 and IMPROVE protocols
  •  Excellent sensitivity with low instrument background
  •  FID detection with linearity over 4 orders of magnitude
  •  Built-in FID igniter
  •  New and improved CPU board/data system for enhancedaccuracy and precision
  •  Standard transmittance-based pyrolysis correction, resultingin better signal-to-noise and throughput
  •  and more...

Information to follow.

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