Optical Extinction Analyser (OEA-532)

Real-Time Total Aerosol Optical Extinction and Visibility Measurements with No Calibration, No Sampling Effects, and No Assumptions.

Nikira Labs’ Open-Path Optical Extinction Analyser (OEA) is the next generation instrument for visibility and aerosol studies. The OEA uses open-path cavity ringdown spectroscopy to measure the total optical extinction from first principles. This measures the optical loss due to the cavity mirrors and ambient air with aerosols. 

A clean air purge is used to prevent deposition on the mirrors. By periodically closing the cavity and purging it with filtered air, the OEA measures the background optical loss due to the cavity mirrors and ambient air without aerosols. By subtracting measurements of the closed cavity optical loss from the open cavity optical loss, the absolute optical extinction due to ambient aerosols can be determined from first-principles with no calibration (or self-calibration, if you prefer).

What does the OEA 532 measure?

  • The OEA measures total optical extinction due to aerosols at a specific wavelength without sample handling losses or calibration.
  • Total optical extinction is also called visibility, so the OEA measures visibility at a specific wavelength.
  • Can be used to estimate other critical aerosol parameters (e.g. PM2.5, total aerosol loading, etc..) through a series of assumptions regarding aerosol size distribution and type.

Nikira Labs Optical Extinction Analyser (OEA) Data:

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