BAA500 Pollen Monitor

Pollen Monitor BAA500

Pollen allergies have become a wide-spread disease. People with these alergies depend on up-to-date information about pollen counts in their area, e.g. to adjust their daily medication.

Until recently this data was collated using 'traps' that suck in air containing pollen and other aerosole particles onto a piece of adhesive tape which is eventually analysed by human operators under a light microscope. This kind of analysis requires a high degree of experience and concentration, which – due to the ubiquitous human factor – cannot always be guaranteed.

The pollen monitor BAA500 is the first of a future line of fully-automated analysers for airborne particles and for particles in liquid media. It features automated sampling, optical detection and measurement, image analysis and archival storage of the samples.

The development of the BAA500 concentrated in particular on robustness, fully-automated, long-term operation and user friendliness. The analyser is designed for an autonomous measurement operation of one month.

It combines advanced computer aided microscopy, camera and image recognition technology to determine and count allergologically relevant pollen including:

Hazel, alder, birch, grass, mugwort, ragweed, maple, yew, oak and rye.


  • Recognition rate > 90%
  • Sampling rate 1-3 hours
  • Capable of 8-24 samples per day
  • Other applications available upon request (aerosol, germs, fungus etc)

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