Scentinal - Compact Gas and Odour Monitoring Station (Model SL50)

Scentinal is a simultaneous ambient pollutant and odour emission monitoring system based on high accuracy (ppb level) sensing technology. Scentinal can provide continuous monitoring of odorous gases such as H2S, Ammonia, VOCs, and SO2 as well as non-odorous gases such as CO2 and Methane.

Scentinal is more than just a monitoring station, it can also act as an intelligent process controller. Scentinal is equipped with up to three optional programmable relays that can be used to activate alarms, mitigation technology, and any other electrical device based on monitored parameters. For example, the Scentinal can be used to measure emissions from the exhaust of a bio-scrubber and bypass carbon polishing filter if odour levels are below set limits, or activate misting stations if odour levels at perimeter are exceeding 5 OU/m3. The possibilities are endless!

Scentinal is easy to setup and use. Each Scentinal comes pre-loaded with a SIM card so all you have to do is mount it to a wall or a pole and power the unit up. Scentinal will detect its location using built-in GPS, and start transmitting to the central server. All configuration and maintenance can be done on the on-unit 7” touch screen monitor or remotely through the SIMS software.

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