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ET's sophisticated mobile air quality monitoring laboratory 'The Smogmobile', can track emissions in real time both inside and outside the vehicle. By combining a number of features, it's become the UK’s most sophisticated mobile monitoring solution, capable of:

  • measuring the level of pollutants with the biggest impact on health - NO2, fine particulates (PM10 and PM2.5) and ozone – and can add equipment to measure ultrafine particles, which are small enough to get into the bloodstream.
  • measuring levels of the most important greenhouse gases, CO2 and methane with extreme precision and speed.
  • both vehicle and the equipment are entirely battery powered, so even on the move it produces no emissions of any kind which could add to air pollution and skew results. It can measure air quality both inside the driver’s cab and outside the vehicle.

Download the Brochure here.

The smogmobile offers a cost-effective tool for local authorities, consultants and researchers.

A great solution to relying on data from expensive static monitoring stations or monthly data from diffusion tubes, which can only be used once.

It can be rented by the day and key applications include:

  • measuring air quality along busy city streets, identifying pollution hotspots and testing the predictions of computer models that use information from static monitors.
  • measuring air quality inside the vehicle where emissions can become concentrated, identifying the risk to drivers who regularly travel busy routes.
  • Surveying landfill, fracking and other industrial sites to identify leakages of methane, a greenhouse gas which causes 86 times more warming than CO2 over 20 years.

Airlabs Letter



Airlabs hired Enviro Technology to test a pollution control system using their air quality monitoring vehicle " The Smogmobile". They were abe to record air pollutant levels in the passenger cabin while driving in heavy traffic in central London over a two day period, and connect the pollution levels to specific times and locations using GPS. The campaign went very well thanks to Enviro Technology's top of the line instruments and their knowledgeable and friendly staff. A couple of challenging situations arose during the course of the measurements and the Enviro Tech Engineer, Lewis John was able to quickly find a solution and rescue the campaign. We are very happy to recommend this company for urban air quality testing and look forward to working with them again.

Matthew Johnson, Chief Science Officer, Airlabs Professor of Chemistry, University of Copenhagen 

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Broadcast on the BBC Six O'clock News on 16th Feb 2016 

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