ET supply the University of Strathclyde with an ultraportable analyser for soil gas analysis

Lewis John at the University of Strathclyde

ET UK Sales Manager for Scientific Applications Lewis John, recently hand delivered an ABB-LGR GLA132-SOFX1 Ultraportable Soil Gas Analyser to Dr. Jen Roberts at the University of Strathclyde. Dr Roberts and her colleagues are looking to use it for research applications such as soil flux, contaminated land surveys, and even monitoring respiration rates of fungi, a new application for ET!

Ultraportable gas analyser

Lewis reports the half a days training he gave to the senior members of the Civil and Environmental Engineering department and 12 other academics, was very well received and they are all looking forward to doing some research with it soon.

Find out more about the ABB-LGR GLA132-SOFX1 Ultraportable Soil Gas Analyser here.

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