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Interested in learning more about the ultrafine particles in our homes?

Airmodus, providers of innovative aerosol measurement solutions and trusted suppliers to ET since 2012, have organised a webinar based on research by HOMEChem. The campaign investigated how everyday activities within the home impact the emissions, chemical transformations and removal of trace gases and particles in the residential environment.

Read more here.

Wednesday 11th November 2020 at 10:00 UTC.

To register for the webinar email:

Ever wondered how the monitoring of NO2 has evolved over the years?

ET are hosting a webinar on August 6th at 2:30pm which will explain the various techniques that have been used over time as well as the cutting-edge technology that is now available.

In this webinar, Enviro Technology’s Managing Director, Duncan Mounsor, and UK Sales Manager for Scientific Applications, Lewis John, will discuss the monitoring of nitrogen dioxide (NO2).

The presenters will describe NO2 as a pollutant, how it is produced, and its atmospheric chemistry, before discussing NO2 monitoring in detail. The reference technique of chemiluminescence and its evolution through the decades will be explained, and then contrasted with alternative techniques such as Cavity Attenuated Phase Shift Spectroscopy (as used in the Teledyne-API T500U and N500), and DOAS (as used in the AirYX ICAD analyser and Opsis open path systems).

This webinar should help attendees gain a deeper understanding of the atmospheric characteristics of NO2, the considerations that should be taken when monitoring NO2, and the variety of instruments and techniques available from ET for monitoring NO2

Registration will be open soon!

Don't let tiny particles lead to big problems

ET‘s range of monitors and counters for the measurement of even the smallest particles, can help keep you in control.

For more information, click here.

The NEW large footprint Soil Gas Flux Chambers that are designed for accuracy.

Enviro Technology Services are pleased to add the new, large footprint eosAC-LT (transparent) and eosAC-LO (opaque) Automated Soil Flux Chambers from Eosense to its portfolio of soil gas flux measurement instruments.

The field ready design of the eosAC-LT/LO allows researchers to capture variability related hot spots and hot moments for trace gases including CH4 and N2O using the automated closed dynamic chamber technique. With the high resolution provided by a compatible analyser, even the smallest changes in gas flux can be captured.

Simple set up and integration

With a remarkably simple setup process you can be up and running in a matter of minutes. Each chamber has a reach of 30m from the analyser giving a potential total coverage area of 2800m2. If paired with the eosMX or eosMX-P multiplexer, users can connect up to 12 eosAC-LT/LO chambers to their ABB-LGR analyser for continuous measurement of multi-species gases including CO2, CH4 and N2O.

EosACLTLO chamber

Additional Sensors

Additional sensors can be added via the chambers two auxiliary ports to enable PAR, soil temp and moisture data to also be collected. The eosAnalyze –AC software will process the data via any Windows based PC or device.

Field Replaceable Components

Reliability is key to any field study, so all critical components of the eosAC-LT/LO have been designed for replacement with minimal effort out at site thus reducing downtime and the resulting data loss.

Potential Applications Include:

  • Net Ecosystem Exchange(NEE) CO2 Flux
  • Agricultural N2O Emissions
  • Wetland CH4 Emissions

ET’s UK Sales Manager for Scientific Applications, Lewis John, comments..

“Enviro Technology has been working with Eosense for several years, and we have always been impressed by their innovative and “hands-on” approach to developing soil flux measurement products.

Eosense’s original, smaller eosAC chambers have been very popular as they include several features to simplify soil flux measurements for the user, including automatic flux calculation software, a vent design to reduce pressure differentials, and a stepper motor to raise and lower the chamber slowly without disturbing the ground. These new chambers complement the existing Eosense range by catering to those who need transparent and opaque chambers for photosynthesis experiments, as well as those who simply need a larger chamber to take measurements of a wider area (or plant).

Just like the original eosAC chambers, the eosAC-LT and eosAC-LO are fully automated, and fully compatible with our range of ABB-LGR greenhouse gas analysers!”

For more information about the eosAC-LT/LO Automated Soil Flux Chambers available from Enviro Technology Services (within the UK and Northern Ireland), contact Lewis John today. 01453 733200.

Measure more than just PM10 and PM2.5 with the GRIMM 11-D & MiniWRAS

GRIMM Aerosol Technik manufacture a vast range of instruments for measuring particulate matter, ranging from environmental PM10 & PM2.5 monitors to butanol CPCs suitable for measuring nanoparticles. Enviro Technology has been a partner of GRIMM for many years, and we have supplied numerous EDM-180 environmental dust monitors in our time as a GRIMM agent. More recently we have expanded our catalogue to include GRIMM’s excellent Nano and IAQ product ranges. The two products highlighted in this article showcase the versatility of GRIMM’s technology, and the fact that GRIMM can do much more than just measure PM10 and PM2.5!

The GRIMM 11-D Portable Dust Decoder is a very compact, battery operated instrument using the same total inlet flow 90° laser scatter detection method as the well-established GRIMM EDM-180. The 11-D can measure TSP, PM10, PM4, PM2.5, PM1, and PMcoarse­ using the “Enviro” algorithm, or pm10, pm2.5, pm1, inhalable, thoracic, and respirable dust in “IAQ” mode. In addition to all of these parameters, the 11-D also measures particle number distribution in 31 equidistant size channels, from 0.253 right up to 35.15 μm! Additional features include an internal filter for post-analysis of collected dust, and a flow of sheath air which prevents dust from contaminating the optics.

The GRIMM 1371 MiniWRAS expands on the capabilities of the highly popular 11-D by enabling the measurement of nanoparticles. Like the 11-D, the MiniWRAS is a portable, battery operated instrument with a flow of sheath air to protect the optics. Not only is the MiniWRAS capable of measuring PM10, PM2.5, PM1, and particle size distribution over 31 size channels using the 90° laser scatter module from the 11-D, it also includes a Faraday Cup Electrometer. The FCE provides an additional 10 size channels from 10 – 193 nm, providing a total size range of 10 nm – 35 μm, hence the name Mini Wide-Range Aerosol Spectrometer!

For more information about the 11-D Portable Dust Decoder, 1371 MiniWRAS or any of Grimm Aerosols range of products for environmental dust monitoring within the UK and Ireland, speak to one our specialists today.

01453 733205

Enviro Technology Services collaborates with supplier EarthSense, to improve Calibration Efficiency with New Reference Station at Zephyr® Manufacturing Site

ET and trusted partner EarthSense, have worked together to install an air quality reference site at the Zephyr® manufacturing facility in Derby to boost efficiency and scalability of sensor distribution.

The latest reference station improves productivity as units are manufactured and instantly deployed for calibration and validation at a single location, avoiding any unnecessary journeys through previous reference points and further improving the pace of deliveries to Zephyr® users. Users can now receive and install sensors to measure near government standard air quality data at a faster rate.

Zephyr 8

ET has constructed the reference site with a high specification data logger that records measurements of gases and particulates such as nitrogen dioxide (NO2), ozone (O3) and particulate matter (PM2.5 and PM10) every 10 seconds, with data transmitted to EarthSense servers every hour. Measurements ensure calibrated Zephyr® sensors are providing reliable, validated air quality data before being sent to users around the world.

Paul Norman, UK Sales Manager at ET, said: “Working alongside EarthSense to establish a reference station at the Zephyr® manufacturing site has demonstrated innovative ways in which we can help to provide trustworthy air pollution information. Not many other low-cost sensors have their own reference site that permits units to be regulated as efficiently as Zephyr® sensors.

“We’ve made certain to include additional room within the enclosure to provide more reference instrumentation as sensor capability expands. We’re confident that as air quality sensing evolves, we can ensure the provision of additional measurements for EarthSense sensors.”

Dr. Roland Leigh, EarthSense Technical Director, said: “We identified an opportunity to construct a reference site at the Midlands-based manufacturing facility and provided ET with parameters for a personal bespoke enclosure. Enviro Technology built a 2m2 enclosure exclusively for our Zephyr® sensors.

“We are fortunate to be able to work with companies like ET as it means we have the privilege of providing stakeholders with the relevant resources to accumulate the most efficient, highest quality air pollution data. We’re always on the lookout for ways in which we can improve our air quality measurements for our customers,” continued Leigh.

The Industrial Emissions Directive (IED) states that by November 2023 there will be a legal requirement to have an online continuous emissions capability to measure total mercury.

ET can help you meet the new legal requirements for monitoring Mercury.

Stroud based environmental company build the world’s first Ecobrick air quality monitoring station.

Enviro Technology Services Ltd (ET), who supply anything from single gas analysers through to large sophisticated air quality monitoring stations for a global market have a strong ethical belief in protecting the environment and recognises that sometimes unconventional ideas can achieve great results.

Located in Stroud, Gloucestershire (a town widely acknowledged as being one of the greenest in the country), ET’s CSR committee decided to challenge the company to go the extra mile when it came to recycling and reusing by producing ecobricks as a way of preventing single use plastics, originating from their head office, going into landfill.

Up and down the UK there are local ecobrick community groups all collecting the densely packed plastic bottles for use in community projects and perhaps not surprisingly, Stroud has a particularly large, active and passionate ecobrick group.

Running to work one morning earlier this year, ET’s MD Duncan Mounsor had a bright idea.

His idea was to build an air quality monitoring station, nothing new to ET, but making it using plastic waste from the local community in the form of ecobricks.

After making contact with Stroud ecobrick group, who were delighted with the idea, plans were set in motion and 400 ecobricks that had been filled by the local community were delivered to ET.

As Duncan explains “At ET we recognise our corporate and social responsibilities not only to our customers, suppliers and employees but also the impacts that we make on society, the economy and the planet. We try to make a positive difference, not only in our local community but in other locations in which we operate”.

Duncan continues: “The idea behind building an air quality monitoring station utilising ecobricks seemed like a great solution to demonstrate how we can all think outside of the box in terms of how to do things differently to benefit the environment whilst simultaneously achieving a great result in terms of product design”

The AQ station framework itself was built using Skokbord, a material made from 100% recycled plastic and wood from Bristol Wood Recycling Project. Duncan comments: “It was important to us to make sure the majority of the materials used were recycled and not just the ecobricks themselves.”

Duncan concludes: “Our projects team did a fantastic job turning my crazy idea into reality and we are all very proud of our accomplishment. I tend to think of it more as a piece of urban modern art than a roadside air quality monitoring enclosure and I don’t think it would look at all out of place in the Tate Modern!”.

See our website for more information about Enviro Technology Services Ltd.

01453 733200

You can visit the Stroud ecobrick group facebook page for more information about what they do.

Decode your dust with the all-purpose model 11-D Portable Aerosol Spectrometer available from Enviro Technology Services.

The new model 11-D from manufacturer Grimm Aerosol, combines all the good things from Grimm’s previous portable aerosol spectrometers with additional improved optical detection, long-term battery operation, and facilitated handling. These enhancements position the 11-D at the forefront of portable aerosol spectrometers for monitoring inhalable, thoracic and respirable dust, PM values, and particle number concentration.

The 11-D gives real-time monitoring data that consists of particle number, occupational dust mass fractions and PM values. Additional information of particle surface and dust mass distribution is also available. Plus, it benefits from 31 size channels, versatile data acquisition, communication interfaces (Bluetooth, USB, Ethernet, RS-232) and internal sensors for temperature (T) and relative humidity (RH) in optical cell.

All this makes the 11-D portable aerosol spectrometer the perfect solution for those requiring aerosol measurement for research into indoor air quality in buildings or vehicles, or for process control in industry, aerosol science and general dust pollution measurements.

For more information about the 11-D or any of Grimm Aerosols range of products for environmental dust monitoring, available within the UK and Ireland from Enviro Technology Services Ltd, speak to our specialists today.

01453 733200

Methane measurement made easy with the newest range of microportable greenhouse gas analysers

Specialists in the world of high precision, portable gas analysers, ABB / Los Gatos Research, have gone and done it again with the MGGA- 918 series. Their latest, lightest ever, microportable greenhouse gas analysers the M-GGA-918 and M-GPC-918 weigh little more than a third of the weight of the original ultraportable greenhouse gas analyser (UGGA), clocking in at a svelte 5.8 kg and yet delivering highly reliable data suitable for reporting fugitive emission measurements of methane (CH), carbon dioxide (CO) and water vapour (H20) simultaneously.

With a crushproof case and three-hour internal battery, the 918’s are simply one of the most convenient field instruments available on the market today. Ideal for compliance monitoring, leak detection (e.g., natural gas, coal seam gas, coal bed methane), air quality studies and soil flux studies.

Additionally, there’s no need to wait, data is recorded just 20 seconds after switch on. The internal computer stores data practically indefinitely on a SD card and send data to a tablet, smart phone or other Wi-Fi device.

The M-GGA-918 includes an “Extended Range” option which allows accurate methane measurements at % level (without dilution) without reducing precision and sensitivity at typical ambient levels - a unique capability.

The M-GPC-918 provides an extended range option up to 1000 ppm.

It really is possible to have laboratory standard analysis that is easy to use at your fingertips anytime, anywhere.

Working together to deliver the highest quality scientific instrumentation for academic research.

ET have been distributors for the Los Gatos Research (a member of the ABB Group) since 2012. Suppliers to the UK and Ireland of their range of rack mounted trace gas, ultra-portable and Isotopic gas analysers.

All LGR’s analysers utilize a unique technology that puts them ahead of the field when compared with Cavity Ringdown Spectroscopy. This technology, Off-Axis Integrated Cavity Output Spectroscopy (OA-ICOS) offers superior performance, value and reliability.

Since 2012, ET have sold over 100 LGR analysers to Universities and research facilities within the UK and overseas.

For more information about the ground-breaking LGR 918 series microportable analysers or any of LGR’s range of superior gas analysers, available within the UK and Ireland from Enviro Technology Services Ltd, speak to our specialists today.

01453 733200

Enviro Technology and Airmodus work together again in the UK to provide researchers with best-in-class ultrafine and nano-particle counting solutions. 

Enviro Technology (ET) is delighted to be working once again with the world-leading Finnish nano-particle counting technology expert, Airmodus. When ET and Airmodus last worked together in 2012, it is fair to say that that many researchers just didn’t think it was possible to accurately and reliably count particles smaller than the detection threshold of CPC’s, especially in the 1-4 nm size range.

There has always been strong academic interest in these, the ‘smallest of the small’ particles, and Finland has established itself as one of the World’s leading research centres of excellence in this area. Airmodus was itself, co-founded in 2010 by the sub-micron particulate luminary, Professor Markku Kulmala who heads up the Division of Atmospheric Sciences at the University of Helsinki.

And over the last decade, we have learned far more about the massive negative health impacts associated with ultrafine (<100 nm) particles as well as the sources and significance of sub-5 nm particles and the creation, behaviour and fate of freshly nucleated aerosols.

The traditional instrument of choice for counting ultrafine particles has been the condensation particulate counter, or CPC. Whilst Airmodus offer a choice of two of CPCs (models A20 and A23) with compelling advantages over other brands, it is the A11 Nano Condensation Nucleus Counter system (A11 nCNC) and the A10 particle size magnifier (PSM) which Enviro Technology considers to be the most exciting and revolutionary products, opening up doors that were previously closed in the weird and wonderful sub-5 nm measurement realm. The A11 nCNC detects particles as small as 1 nm in diameter in real-time and also, importantly, the electrically neutral particles. In addition, the A11 cCNC operates in three modes: fixed, stepping or scanning and comes with comprehensive, yet user-friendly software to control the PSM and CPC, calculate particle concentration, calculate activation spectra and display and save data.

ET’s Duncan Mounsor concludes: “the small team of highly focused, highly specialised particle scientists at Airmodus are without doubt some of the greatest minds working on R&D and instrument development in this rapidly advancing area of atmospheric and environmental research. Having the Airmodus CPCs and the amazing A11 nCNC in our product range continues with our overall philosophy of introducing new technology to the UK market to enable scientists and researchers to continue to push the envelope and to do what has not been possible before”.

For information on the Airmodus range of products visit:


For quotes and further information contact or call 01453 733200.

ET Introduces perhaps the World’s most innovative NOx analyser of the last 40 years.

Leading air quality monitoring equipment supplier, Enviro Technology Services Ltd (ET), is delighted to announce the launch of a revolutionary new non-chemiluminescent NOx analyser from analyser giant, Teledyne-API.

The new Model N500 CAPS NOx analyser uses superior Cavity Attenuated Phase Shift (CAPS) Spectroscopy to measure ‘true’ NO2, NOx and NO gases. CAPS technology is inherently accurate and sensitive, uses very little power and requires far less maintenance than chemiluminescence. The Model N500 raises the bar for NO2, NOx and NO measurement accuracy while simultaneously reducing instrument operation and maintenance costs.

ET’s Managing Director, Duncan Mounsor explains; “Teledyne-API’s first direct true NO2 analyser, the T500U has been a popular instrument for ET, particularly favoured by scientists and air quality specialists looking for a faster and more precise measurement of NO2 that cannot be offered by chemiluminescence. The new Model N500 like the T500U, uses CAPS technology for true NO2 measurement but now adds on this by measuring also the NO component of NOx. This really is a revolutionary instrument and we are very excited to be able to start offering it to our clients”.

Like all Teledyne-API gas analysers, the new Model N500 CAPS NOx / NO2 / NO analyser is available exclusively in the UK and Ireland through Enviro Technology Services Ltd.

For further information and quotations, please contact the ET sales team today. 01453 733200.

View the Model N500 product page here.

Daring to be different - measuring ambient air quality with Opsis open-path DOAS in cities, at airports, ports and at industrial plants.

For measuring ambient air pollution in cities, at airports, ports and at industrial plants, one of the cleverest, most representative and cost-effective methods is Opsis DOAS open-path.

You can read more about it here.

To find out more about how open-path monitoring can improve, enhance and expand your air quality monitoring, whilst saving considerable time and money in the process, contact ET and one of our ambient air quality specialists will be pleased to assist you.

ET helps a West Midlands school get to grips with air pollution.

Dudley MBC have purchased multiple Zephyr air quality sensors from Enviro Technology Services in a bid to find out just how polluted the air is around a number of the local schools.

Northfield Road Primary school is located just a short distance from Halesowen Road which has recently been identified by a ‘Friends of the Earth’ report as one of the highest polluted areas in the UK. The sensors are one of a number of initiatives planned by council bosses to wage war on pollution in specific areas of the Borough.

ET’s Ambient Air UK Sales Manager, Paul Norman comments: “Dudley MBC have seen the value in purchasing the Zephyrs as a tool to help them quantify just how much polluted air the children and local residents are breathing on a daily basis. The Zephyr sensor (a light weight mobile unit measuring NO2 O3 PM10 PM2.5 and PM1.0 as standard), can be moved around as and when needed, requires minimal maintenance and carries an attractive price tag making it the perfect solution for this kind of study.”

To find out more about the Zephyr air quality sensor, Contact Enviro Technology Services 01453 733200

Enviro Technology has been working as the UK partner to Eosense since 2016.

The Eosense range of soil gas flux measurement products perfectly complements our ever-popular range of Los Gatos Research greenhouse gas analysers.

As the photo below shows, the eosAC autochambers and eosMX-P recirculating multiplexer are fully
compatible with LGR gas analysers. The combination of these systems provides a robust and low-power solution for monitoring greenhouse gas fluxes in a variety of situations, from green roofs in urban
environments to the frozen tundra of the arctic circle.


Read the full article here.

Enviro Technology Become UK Distributor for EarthSense Zephyr® Air Quality Sensors.

Enviro Technology Services (ET) announces that it has signed a channel partnership agreement with air quality specialists, EarthSense. This will see the Stroud based supplier of real-time air quality monitoring technology and systems distribute the EarthSense Zephyr® air quality sensor to the UK’s local authorities.

The Zephyr® is a compact and lightweight air pollution sensor that measures gases and particulate matter formed from harmful emissions including as standard; NO2, NO, O3, PM10, PM2.5 and PM1.0.

Both Enviro Technology Services and EarthSense specialise is environmental monitoring of air pollution. The partnership aims to combine expertise to provide local authorities with the necessary hardware to understand and manage air quality issues across the UK.

Enviro Technology Services Managing Director, Duncan Mounsor explains “ET has been at the forefront of real-time air quality monitoring since 1983 and our gas and particulate analysers are used by many local authorities as well as extensively on the AURN. Whilst we tend to focus on ‘reference method’ and MCERTS approved analyser technology, we very much see the huge potential of low cost, small format multi-pollutant sensor systems and the complimentary way they can expand and enhance the number of measurements in our towns and cities.”

EarthSense Managing Director, Tom Hall comments “We’ve reached another exciting milestone with the Zephyr® sensor through partnership with Enviro Technology Services, a market leading specialist in real time air quality monitoring. Joint initiatives will further aid in the development of the Zephyr® and help increase our product reach to local authorities across the UK.

Enviro Technology Services have a great understanding of customer needs and the value of small form sensors and we are confident that they will support the expansion of the Zephyr® air quality monitoring networks.”

Duncan adds “we have taken our time in finding a UK based sensor partner that can both meet our high standards for product quality and customer support, bringing academic credibility and a proven track record with regards measurement performance.

I’m delighted that we have partnered with EarthSense and along with the whole team here at ET, look forward to distributing and supporting the exciting and innovative Zephyr® air quality sensors within the UK local authority sector”.


For more information about the Zephyr Air Quality Sensor, please contact: 01453 733228


Defra MCERTS Certificate for BAM1020 PM monitor extended to December 2023

Here at Enviro Technology, we are big on certification and accreditation. Both ourselves as a Company, and the products that we sell. And we like to show off our certificates and accolades too!

Visitors arriving at ET’s reception area in Stroud, will see dozens of certificates on display ranging from MCERTS certificates for the products we sell, our BSI ISO certificates (9001, 18001 and 14001) and accreditations such as Achilles Verify and CHAS. We’ve also got a selection of our Service Engineer official factory training certificates on display from our instrument suppliers Teledyne-API and Met One Instruments.

Seen here with our recently renewed Defra MCERTS certificate for the ever popular BAM1020 PM2.5 monitor (valid until 5th December 2023), ET’s MD, Duncan Mounsor says “I think we need a larger reception area for all our certificates and accolades and it does take a bit of time to check them all to ensure they are all still valid and up-to-date. But as we are so proud of them, instead of just filing them away, we like to put them on display for all to see!”.

Duncan concludes “we have been very busy with BAM1020 PM10 and PM2.5 monitor sales in 2018 and expect this to continue well into 2019 and beyond as Local Authorities and UK networks continue to replace older, non-Defra MCERTS approved particulate monitors such as TEOMs, of which there are still a lot out there”.

Enviro Technology Services workshops at the Air Quality Emissions show at Telford International Centre, UK  2018

As always, Enviro Technology Services will be making quite an impression at AQE this year.  What with the innovative NEW SmogBox (little brother to the Smogmobile), an MCERTS approved, battery powered, NO2 monitoring station for measurements on-the-move (big brother will also be there!), on display alongside the sophisticated laser remote system – The Mini Micro Pulse LiDAR and one of the most popular, MCERTS approved, particulate monitors in the World – the BAM-1020.

In addition to the advanced monitoring solutions we’ll be demonstrating on the stand, our industry specialists will be giving workshop talks on some of the ground-breaking technology used in our systems, on both days of the show.

ET workshops are as follows:

Day 1

Dynamic measurement of PBL (Planetary Boundary Layer) and other environmental applications of MPL (Micro-Pulse LiDAR).  How the detailed atmospheric information produced by MPL can help us understand the relationship between PBL height and air pollution episodes.

1:30pm, Room 1

OPSIS System 400, One CEM System, Three Solutions - Cross-Stack, Fastloop and Hot/Wet Extraction. A high technology CEM system for monitoring gases compounds with superior performance and high reliability.

3:30pm, Room 4


Day 2

Ambient odour monitoring for industry – Practical application of the Scentroid SL50 and SM100i to produce boundary measurements in odour units. The integration via a neural network learning algorithm of fixed monitoring techniques (SL50) and GPS located intelligent olfactometry (SM100i) to determine odour impact at sensitive receptors and inform odour management plans.

11:00am, Room 2

Planes, Trains and Automobiles - Innovations in Mobile Air Quality MonitoringAn introduction to mobile / portable monitoring solutions available from ET including: the NEW NO2 SmogBox, The Smogmobile, The DR1000 flying laboratory and the UGGA – capable of measuring greenhouse gases anywhere.


13:30am, Room 4


Come on over and have a chat about your monitoring requirements. You’ll find us on stands 69 – 72.

ET will be celebrating its 35th Anniversary at this year’s AQE Conference and Exhibition in Telford (21st to 22nd November).

With several large, high profile government network gas and particulate analyser contract wins in 2018, ET has certainly been busy, but has still had time to plan and arrange a ‘showcase’ booth at the AQE show. Central to ET’s four stands (69-72) will be the amazing Smogmobile, ET’s highly innovative zero-emissions mobile air quality and greenhouse gas monitoring laboratory, packed full of cutting-edge, fast-responding and high precision monitoring equipment. ET will also be officially launching the newly developed SmogBox, a rugged, suitcase-sized, battery powered, reference method equivalent and MCERTS certified direct NO2 analyser with built in GPS tracking and web logging. It’s already been instrumental in some of our traffic pollution research studies in various locations within the UK. Other instruments on show will be the ground-breaking MiniMicro Pulse LiDAR for dynamic planetary boundary layer (PBL) and cloud/ice/dust/aerosol identification as well as the amazing, multi-application Los Gatos Research Ultraportable greenhouse gas analyser, for methane measurements made simple.

In addition to being able to witness the above mentioned instrumentation (and more), with hands-on demonstrations, visitors will also have the opportunity to meet up with ET’s ambient air, greenhouse gas and industrial/CEMS product specialists, who this year, will be joined by representatives from two of ET’s key suppliers, Teledyne-API (USA) and OPSIS AB (Sweden).

Our specialists will be presenting four workshops focusing on odour monitoring, OPSIS CEMS, LiDAR measurements and mobile monitoring with instrumented vehicles and drones.

We look forward to seeing you and discussing your monitoring applications and of course, demonstrating the highly topical and interesting technology we will be showcasing on our stands.

For further information about Enviro Technology Services or any of the products named above, contact Sales on 01453 733200 or visit our website


Introducing the New ET SmogBox: MCERTS certified NO2 monitoring on-the-move!

What every air quality monitoring officer requires: A battery-powered, portable, MCERTS approved NO2 monitoring station for measurements on-the-move or for short durations in fixed locations.

Now you really can take high-quality NO2 measurements at air pollution hot-spots without having to worry about site power or planning permission. Just wheel the SmogBox along, taking measurements as you go, and when you get there, you can simply secure the unit to something suitable and leave it running, from either its own battery pack or connect up to mains (if available). Simple! 

Furthermore, an optional GPS-enabled web-logger means that you can easily track NO2 concentrations with your positioning, with colleagues being able to log-in in real-time and see exactly what the concentrations are at the exact location of the SmogBox.

ET’s Mike Webley says, “I recently took our SmogBox to London on the train and underground and made measurements along the way including walking through the City of London”. Mike continues “the SmogBox will run for around 6-hours on the standard battery pack it is supplied with and it weighs no more than my wife’s suitcase when we go on holiday!”.

Mike concludes “ET has often been asked by customers for Defra approved, portable AQ systems that can measure NO2 accurately, precisely and to a standard that can stand-up to data scrutiny and we think our new SmogBox ticks all of these boxes”.

For more information on the SmogBox or any of our other mobile monitoring solutions please contact ET on 01453 733200

Photo's: ET’s Mike Webley and City of London Corporation’s Air Quality Officer, Stefanie Hughes, measuring NO2 with the SmogBOx in the City of London.

Major UK AQM Tender Win for ET

Monitoring equipment specialist, Enviro Technology Services (ET), is pleased to announce that it has been awarded a large contract with the Environment Agency to supply new and replacement particulate monitors for the AURN. The two-year contract (with an option for a further two years) followed a successful tender bid for the Stroud-based firm.

The contract will see ET supply the network with Defra MCERTS approved BAM 1020 particulate monitors for PM10, PM2.5 and PMcoarse (PM10 and PM2.5 combined) as part of an eventual replacement programme of up circa 100 particulate monitors.

FREE WEBINAR:    Wednesday 31st January 2018 – 1500hrs GMT

Enviro Technology Services Ltd is one of the UK’s leading, and longest established suppliers of air pollution monitoring systems, instruments and technology for real-time measurements of:

  • Air quality
  • Industrial emissions
  • Greenhouse gases

Since 2017, we are delighted to be working with Scentroid (Canada) as their UK and Ireland distributor for field portable, compact fixed and drone/UAV based multi- gas and odour monitoring systems. Recognising both the need for, and the great opportunities presented by “flying gas monitoring laboratories”, Scentroid has developed the DR1000 drone-based lab. Whether measuring for greenhouse gases, air pollution or toxic gases, drones will play an increasingly important part in how we measure, assess and quantify pollution as well as the power of combining measurements with GPS and geo-spatial data.

Please join us on Wednesday 31st January at 1500hrs GMT for this free-of-charge, Scentroid hosted webinar.

What You Will Learn: It is often necessary to sample stacks, industrial areas, ponds, and other locations where human access is often difficult and /or dangerous.

Furthermore, operator exposure to dangerous chemicals during sampling must be carefully considered. In this webinar we explain the use of drone, Unmanned Aerial Vehicles for air quality monitoring, chemical monitoring and Meteorological Measurements and air and odour sampling.

Register for this seminar at:

Should you require any further information on the DR1000 flying laboratory or any other of the innovative Scentroid products, please contact:

Enviro Technology Services Ltd

Unit B1 Kingfisher Business Park, London Road, Stroud, GL5 2BY

Tel: 01453 733200, email:, web:

ET now offers Unlimited Parts Insurance

This new year, we’ve revisited our service agreement and decided to make a significant improvement which can only benefit our customers. For all new contracts we’re delighted to offer Unlimited Parts Insurance on current model analysers which are still in OEM manufacture; so if you’ve invested in a TAPI T Series analyser or modern BAM-1020, for example, you can forget about the parts bill for as long as you have a service contract with us and the analyser model remains in current production. Don’t worry if you’re operating an older analyser though, as we’ll continue to offer limited parts insurance as before. Please give us a call on 01453 733200 to discuss your requirements.

ET becomes new distributor for Scentroid products in UK and Ireland.

ET are pleased to announce that we have added 3 highly innovative products from Scentroid to our extensive range.

The Scentinal SL50 Compact Air Quality and Odour Monitoring Station provides ambient odour emission monitoring based on high accuracy (ppb level) detection of odorous gases such as H2S, Ammonia, VOCs, SO and more. Other chemical compounds can be monitored by adding additional optional modules.

The system will allow up to 20 sensors to be optionally incorporated into one Scentinal Package.

Benefits of the Scentinal:

  • Monitor numerous air contaminants simultaneously
  • Monitor more than 60 Volatile Organic Compounds
  • Monitor Particulates PM1, PM5, and PM10
  • Monitor total Odour levels
  • Create alarms and notifications
  • Monitor efficiency and functionality of odour mitigation equipment
  • Monitor process emissions


One of the more portable solutions in our new product range is the Pollutracker TR8+.

This is a complete air quality mobile laboratory that allows the user to measure hundreds of chemicals using up to 10 sensors and analysers including Photo-Ionization Detectors (PID) sensors, Non-dispersive Infrared (NDIR) sensors, Electrochemical and Metal Oxide sensors. Pollutracker includes, Built-in 10″ touchscreen interface, On device data logging and wireless transfer via email, Remote (internet based) firmware update, Built in sampling pump, Simultaneous data analysis of all gases, Built-in rechargeable battery, On-screen Calibration Procedure and External decontamination device.

The Pollutracker is able to:

  • Measure ambient H2S, Ammonia, Total VOC, and other chemical concentrations
  • Determine H2S, Ammonia, VOCs, and other chemicals emissions from various types of sources
  • Determine emission trends through 24+ hour data logging
  • Verify sample loss due to transportation 
  • Validate dispersion models through emission measurements 


The third product of the new range is a Drone based technology called the DR1000.

This fully capable flying laboratory, can be used to sample and analyse ambient air at heights of up to 150 meters above ground. Air quality mapping, model verification, analysis of potentially dangerous sites are all made possible by this novel innovation.

It can provide continuous monitoring of multiple chemicals. While in flight, five built-in chemical sensors can provide remote monitoring of chemicals selected. Sensor readings along with GPS position and altitude can provide 3D mapping of ambient pollution and odour levels. This feature can also be used to guide the operator into a plume for bag sampling.

With the DR1000 sampling the drone operator can stay safely away from hazardous sources while acquiring environmental samples.

Chemical monitoring can be provided for H2S, CH4, CO2, SO2, VOCs, and above 30 other selected chemicals. Please contact ET for the full list.

Please note: The drone is not included with the DR1000

For further details on any of the products mentioned please contact ET on 01453 733200.

The latest advances in thermal/optical OC-EC particulate matter monitoring technology available from ET.

Exclusive UK & Ireland distributor for Sunset Lab, Enviro Technology Services Ltd, would like to introduce the latest editions to its product portfolio. The Model 4 Semi-Continuous OC-EC (Organic Carbon and Elemental Carbon) carbon analyser from Sunset Laboratory Inc, incorporates the latest advances in electronic and optical technology, along with an optimized oven and detector designed for sensitive and reliable field operation. It’s also rack mountable.

Features include an easy access panel for filter service and calibration, safety mechanisms and inline pressure regulators for superior flow control. The computer controlled flow system aids enhanced sensitivity and fast analysis times and improved user access for simplified maintenance and service.

It’s small, rugged design makes it ideal for field operation in air quality monitoring shelters.

The Sunset Laboratory Model 4 OC-EC Field Analyser is ideal for:

  • Ambient air quality and environmental exposure measurements
  • Indoor air exposure assessment monitoring
  • Long-term environmental research such as studying the effects of regulatory changes
  • NIOSH (and equivalent) exposure assessments in the workplace

In addition to the Model 4 Field Analyser the Model 5 Lab OC-EC Aerosol Analyser is also now available via ET.

The Model 5 uses a proven thermal-optical method to analyse for organic and elemental carbon aerosols collected on quartz filters.

Features include a temperature controlled diode laser, an integrated 16-bit data system/CPU board, redesigned power control hardware, automated flow controls, and software making this the most reliable OC-EC analyser on the market.

The samples are thermally desorbed from the filter medium under an inert helium atmosphere followed by an oxidizing atmosphere using carefully controlled heating ramps.

A flame ionization detector (FID) is used to monitor the analysis. Proven low dead volume carrier gas control system and proprietary quartz oven design provide high sensitivity with ultra-low carbon background and no oxygen contamination.

This instrument has been used to analyse a wide variety of sample types, including: ambient urban and rural areas, national parklands, forest fire plumes and oil fires from the Gulf War.

It is the industry standard for environmental and workplace monitoring.

For further information on the Sunset Lab Model 4 Field Semi-Continuous OC-EC Carbon Analyser or the Model 5 Lab OC-EC Aerosol Analyser contact or ring us on 01453 733228.

New BSI ISO 9001:2015 Certification for Enviro Technology

Stroud based air quality monitoring equipment and service provider, Enviro Technology Services Ltd, have recently made the successful transition from ISO9001:2008 to the latest version of the standard, ISO9001:2015.

The scope of ET’s BSI accredited ISO9001 Quality Management System covers “the design, manufacture, installation and servicing of environmental monitoring systems and associated equipment” and the certificate is valid until September 2018.

ET’s Managing Director, Duncan Mounsor explains “we have held our ISO 9001 quality certification for almost 20 years so having this certification is nothing new for us, but that said, we are pleased that the hard work that we put in for the transition to the new 2015 revision to the standard has paid off as there are only a few companies to have made the transition so far, and even fewer (if any) in the environmental monitoring sector”.

ET also operates BSI accredited and certified ISO 14001 environmental and OHSAS 18001 health and safety management systems.

Mounsor continues “quality is fundamentally important at ET; quality of products, quality of service and at every level within the business. And operating in the environmental sector it is essential for us to walk-the-walk and not just pay lip-service with regards to our environmental impacts and we are proud of our environmental achievements to date. These include changing our entire fleet of diesel estate cars to petrol-electric hybrids as well as a programme of changing all the fluorescent tubes in our head office over to LED panels which we are midway through.

Mounsor concludes “customers and stakeholders increasingly expect businesses to work to high quality, documented and externally audited management systems for quality, environment and health & safety. At ET, our accreditation and certification for all three of our systems is with BSI, one of the world leading, top-tier certification bodies who we are proud to align ourselves with. Having these systems requires top management commitment, investment and hard work and they are audited each year by BSI at their surveillance visits. We could have made the decision to go down the cheaper, easier, non-accredited self-audit road with our management systems, but feel that our customers, stakeholders and employees deserve more. It is all about continuous improvement at ET and that is what drives us forward.

** End **

New remote sensing LIDAR technology helps ET aim for the sky!

When it comes to air pollution measurement, ET has been leading the way, bringing innovative and cutting-edge instrumentation to market since its inception in 1983.

ET has always been an advocate of remote-sensing, for instance, using short or long-path optical technology to quantify gas concentrations over distances ranging from a few metres (for vehicle emissions monitoring) through to several hundreds of metres for urban, fence-line and fugitive emissions monitoring.

Examples include the Accuscan RSD vehicle emissions monitoring system that measures the individual exhaust emissions of each and every vehicle that drives through the cross-road optical path and the Opsis DOAS system that enables multi-gas measurements from single or multiple open paths in ambient air.

Most recently, ET has formed an exclusive partnership with Micro Pulse LiDAR from the USA and has been busy trialling the amazing mini-MPL system which stands for micro-pulse LIDAR. Micro Pulse LiDAR know a thing or two about remote sensing as the MPL was originally developed by NASA and instead of remote sensing looking down (i.e. from a satellite), the MPL, and now the mini-MPL, is ground based, looking upwards.

Designed to be housed in a small, temperature controlled weatherproof enclosure, the mini-MPL has a maximum vertical range of up to 15 km. That is about 9 miles for those who prefer non-metric units. It is therefore able probe up to the highest extents of the troposphere and beyond and with a minimum accumulation time of 1 second, builds up a detailed and dynamic profile of the atmosphere providing data on planetary boundary layer (PBL), cloud types (heights and tops) rain, ice-crystals and aerosol i.e. volcanic ash, Saharan dust as well as anthropogenic particulate matter etc.

The mini-MPL is amazing in many ways. Firstly, it is very small (hence the mini bit). It stands just less than 0.5 m high and weighs just 13 kg. Second, power consumption is very low at just 100 W. Third, it is classified as eye-safe. Fourth, it is a fraction of the cost of the large, power hungry LIDAR’s of days gone by and fifth, it is remarkably easy to use. Non-LIDAR specialists can be up-and-running with it in minutes and the Micro Pulse LiDAR analysis software makes simple work of understanding and presenting the wealth of information coming back from the 532 nm green eye-safe laser.

During 2017, ET will be demonstrating and trialling the mini-MPL at several leading Universities and working with some of the country’s leading LIDAR specialist and atmospheric scientists in order to showcase the huge capabilities and range of applications for this novel technology. Applications include; early warning of volcanic ash for airports, dynamic PBL monitoring, atmospheric aerosol research, weather forecasting and meteorology and even source apportionment of industrially generated particulate.

For more info, call the ET Micro Pulse LiDAR product specialists, Duncan Mounsor and Lewis John on 01453 733200 or email




LGR’s Microportable Gas Analyser (MGGA) reports measurements of methane, carbon dioxide and water vapor simultaneously in a package that is compact, crushproof and travels anywhere.

The MGGA is simple to use which makes it ideal for natural gas leak detection and other field studies, compliance monitoring, air quality studies and soil flux studies, and wherever measurements of methane, carbon dioxide and water vapor are needed quickly and sensitively.

You can view the advert here and the product page here.

Contact ET for further details 01453 733200

Revealed: top Tories' constituencies suffer blight of toxic air

Toxic air that breaches the EU legal limit is blighting the constituencies of Theresa May and at least five other Cabinet ministers, an Evening Standard investigation reveals today.

The Standard  hires a ToxicAirTracker (the Smogmobile) — a pollution-monitoring van from Enviro Technology Services, to tour seats held by Cabinet ministers before Parliament was dissolved and they ceased being MPs.

Read the full story here.

ET wins Teledyne-API Top European Sales Award

Enviro Technology Services Ltd (ET) have been announced as Teledyne-API’s (TAPI) top performing European distributor for 2016.

The Stroud based company was recognised not only for selling the largest number of TAPI air quality gas analysers in Europe during 2016 but also for their sterling efforts promoting and selling TAPI’s latest range of  “next-generation” instruments and calibrators, including the T500U CAPS direct-reading NO2 analyser and the T750 portable dilution calibrator.

The award was presented to ET’s Managing Director, Duncan Mounsor and Sales Director, Mike Webley at the TAPI EMEA Distributor meeting held in Nice, France on the 4th May 2017.

Reflecting on the prestigious award, Duncan Mounsor said “on behalf of everyone at ET we are proud to receive this award as it recognises both the hard work put in by the ET sales team and our projects and customer service teams who have delivered and installed a record breaking number of projects over the last 12 months in the UK”.

Duncan concludes “a large part of ET’s success is having great products to sell such as those from our long-standing technology partner, Teledyne-API. Coupled with the fact that TAPI analysers offer such high levels of performance, reliability, 2-year warranty (5 years on some items) and great technical support, our job is made all the more simpler”.

For more information on any of Teledyne-API’s gas analysers, please contact the ET Sales Team on 01453 733200 or email

If your looking for a Service Contract, our new brochure will tell you all you need to know.

Download brochure here

NEW T200P Photolytic NO2/NO/NOx Analyser

ET are pleased to introduce the NEW T200P Photolytic NO2/NO/NOx Analyser with patented high efficiency Blue Light Converter (BLC), also known as a photolytic converter.

The T200P is based on the standard T200 analyser but uses a photolytic LED array BLC converter to convert NO2 to NO rather than a traditional catalytic (stainless steel) or chemical reagent (molybdenum) based converter.

This may sound a bit complicated, but what does it mean in practice?

Being far more “specific” (and therefore with less measurement uncertainty) means that NO2 measurements are made more accurately and precisely than from regular chemiluminescent NOx analysers which are known to overestimate NO2 by up over 50% in some applications.

And as the T200P also measures NO, then users have the best of both worlds, precise and accurate NO measurements with enhanced NO2 measurement performance.

Perfect for roadside and urban background sites, especially those that are close to, or exceed the annual NO2 limit value of 40 µg/m3.

And if “true” direct NO2 measurement is what you are looking for, and don’t necessarily need the NO channel, then check out our most advanced NO2 analyser, the MCERTS approved T500U CAPS analyser.

For more information on the T200P (or any other of our NO2 and NOx analysers) call ET on 01453 733200 to speak to one of our specialists or download our handy NOx analyser comparison brochure at

The T500U CAPS NO2 Analyser - Now with added MCERTS

In 2015 ET announced the availability of the latest technology in ambient and trace level NO2 measurement with the T500U CAPS (Cavity Attenuated Phase Shift) direct reading NO2 Analyser, capable of “true” NO2 measurements across the ranges 0-5ppb through to 1 ppm.

We are now very pleased to report that the T500 has acquired MCERTS certification.

Now, along with our standard NOx monitor the T200 and the Ulra-sensitive T200UP (with photolytic converter) ET can offer an alternative to Chemiluminescence for those requiring MCERTS certification.

Representing the next generation of criteria pollutant monitoring technology for the direct measurement of Nitrogen Dioxide in air, the T500U CAPS measurement approach vastly reduces the amount of maintenance required whilst directly measuring NO2. Other benefits include, fast response, exceptional measurement sensitivity and low power consumption (80 Watts).

The T500 joins the Opsis System 300 open-path system (also sold by Enviro Technology) as one of only two non-chemiluminescent NO2 analyser techniques to receive UK ambient MCERTS certification.

ET upgrades the AURN with BAM1020 PM analysers

In March 2016, Bureau Veritas - in its role as Central Management and Co-ordination Unit of the UK Automatic Urban and Rural Network - on behalf of DEFRA, purchased a number of BAM1020 PM analysers from Enviro Technology Services for both PM10 & PM2.5 to replace existing TEOM analysers on the AURN under the ET trade-in offer, providing good value for money.

Sales Director, Mike Webley said, ET has been offering equipment trade-in for a number of years to Local Authorities, & we were pleased to offer a similar contract to the national network.

We all love summer

 At Enviro Technology Services Plc we pride ourselves on supplying top end, quality products to a market that requires accurate data for research projects using traditional reference methods of measurement. However, we do of course recognise that there are other opportunities for more indicative, cost effective solutions needed for certain applications.

For example: We all love the summer but there are a few downs sides to the wonderful weather that we need to be aware of.

Have you ever considered the health impacts of Barbequing for instance? It’s yet another form of air pollution and if you live in an area already suffering the effects of heavy traffic, like London, then seemingly small acts like barbequing can contribute considerably, especially when done in concentration.

For comparison, a recent study in the states noted that a diesel-engine lorry would have to drive 10 miles to produce the same amount of pm2.5 particles as a single char grilled burger.  (Researchers at the University of California)


Barbecuing is banned in many London Parks now as a result of local residents complaining of health related issues attributed to large numbers of people barbecuing in parks nearby on warm days. Research has shown a huge increase in PM2.5 levels when this occurs.

Of course there are other contributing factors to increases in particle matter in the air, including waste transfer stations, build-up of traffic outside schools during drop off and pick up and construction dust from residential developments, the list goes on.

Enviro Technology is offering the perfect solution for those needing to measure PM2.5 , PM10 or TSP particles from such situations - 
The Neighborhood Monitor from Met One.

It’s a simple, affordable, wireless solution. The purchase price includes everything you need:

  • Hardware
  • Sim cards
  • 3 years web access

All you need to do is turn it on.

Below is an example of a typical cloud application showing location, tabulated data and charts.
(Data output can be tailored to your needs)

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