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Met One Instruments Solar Radiation Sensors

Solar radiation sensors for high-precision, broad bandwidth, temperature-compensated atmospheric and pollution studies

Digitel Automatic Precipitation Sampler (Model DRA-12)

A precise solution for the automatic collection and air-conditioned storage of rain and snow samples for later analysis

Met One Instruments All-In-One Weather Sensor AIO 2 Sonic

A complete, high-performance weather sensor for surface meteorological applications

Graywolf Indoor Air Quality Meter

Highly advanced, professional Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) meters and monitors

Droplet Measurement Technologies Cloud Condensation Nuclei Counter (Model CCN-100/200)

A counter that measures the count and size of individual aerosol particles that can form into cloud droplets

Droplet Measurement Technologies Back-scatter Cloud Probe with Polarisation Detection

A compact probe to measure cloud droplet size distributions to derive the total number concentrations, liquid water, median volume diameter, and effective diameter

Droplet Measurement Technologies Ground-based Fog and Aerosol Spectrometer with Polarisation Detection (GFAS-DPOL)

A compact, robust, easily deployable revolutionary way to analyse haze and fog

Droplet Measurement Technologies MPS Meteorological Particle Spectrometer

A precipitation-measuring optical disdrometer, used by the National Weather Service for rain and drizzle research

Met One Instruments AutoMet Data Logger (Model 580)

A complete and flexible data logging solution to accept a variety of sensors and systems

Met One Instruments Visibility Sensor 6400

A visibility sensor designed to monitor visibility conditions over a range of 20 ft-50 miles (6m-80km)