Particulate Monitoring

Aerocet 380 Dust Monitor
Aerocet 531S Handheld Particulate Counter
Aerocet 532 Handheld Particle Monitor
Aerocet 831 Handheld Mass Monitor
AeroExplorer Sampling Station
Ambient Ion Monitor (Model 9000 Series)
AQ Eagle Simultaneous Particulate Profiler System
ARA N-FRM Sampler
Back-scatter Cloud Probe with Polarization Detection (Model BCPD)
Benchtop Particle Counter (Model BT-610)
Benchtop Particle Counter (Model BT-620)
Benchtop Particle Counter (Model-645)
Beta-attenuation Particulate Monitor (Model E-BAM)
Continuous Particulate Monitor (Model BAM-1020)
DIGITEL DPA14 Low Volume Aerosol Sampler (LVS)
Digitel nucleAIR
Environmental Dust Monitor (Model EDM 180)
Environmental Dust Monitor (Model EDM 280)
Handheld Particle Counter (GT-526s)
Handheld Particle Counter (Model 804)
Handheld Particle Counter (Model GT-324)
High Volume Sampler (Model DH-77) Single Filter Unit
High Volume Sampler Automat (Model DHA-80)
Laser Backscatter Particulate Monitor (Model E-Sampler)
Met One Ambient Particulate Profiler (Model 212)
Network Particulate Monitor (Model NPM 3)
OC-EC Lab Aerosol Analyser (Model 5)
OPSIS SM200 Beta-attenuation Particulate Monitor / Gravimetric Sampler*
Optical Extinction Analyser (OEA-532)
Particulate Monitor (Model ES-642)
Particulate Profiler (Model ES-405)
Portable Aerosol Spectrometer Dust Decoder (model 11-D)
Portable Battery Powered Sampler (Model MiniVol TAS)
Portable Black Carbon Monitor (Model BC-1060)
Real-Time Portable, Beta Attenuation Mass Monitor (Model BAM 1022)
Semi-Continuous OC-EC Field Analyser (Model 4)
Sequential Gravimetric Sampler* (Model SEQ 47/50)
Single Filter Gravimetric Sampler (Model KFG LVS-3)
The AirQualifier (Model EDM 264)
Ultra-High Sensitivity Aerosol Spectrometer (Model UHSAS-G)

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