Service Questionnaire

Please complete all questions.
Q1. Were you notified in good time that the service was taking place and was it arranged at a convenient time for you?
Q2. Were you satisfied with the service / repair carried out?
(If not please use the comments section below to highlight why?)
Q3. Did the ET engineer let you know when they arrived on site and also when they had finished the service?
Q4. Did the ET engineer keep you informed of what they were doing and of any faults / problems and how they were overcome?
Q5. Were you happy with the time that the service / repair took?
Q6. Was the monitoring site left in good order?
Q7. Did the ET engineer have / use adequate personal protective equipment? (if applicable)
Q8. Do you think you get value for money from an Enviro Technology Services Plc service contract?
Q9. Will you be choosing Enviro Technology Services Plc for future service contracts?
Q10. Would you recommend Enviro Technology Services PLC to anyone else?

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