Accurately monitor methane emissions with highly sensitive portable and rackmount analysers from ABB / LGR.

Methane analysers

Methane (CH4) is a relatively prominent component of the atmosphere, with a global average concentration of 1.8 parts-per-million, a 2.5-fold increase since pre-industrial levels. The processes involved in the release, transportation, and removal of methane from Earth’s atmosphere are complex, and form an important part of the global carbon cycle.

Methane can be a direct hazard in situations where workers and local residents are at danger of elevated levels causing combustion, but more pressing concerns are attributed to methane’s significant contribution to global warming. As a potent greenhouse gas, methane is very effective at trapping heat. Methane eventually breaks down naturally in the troposphere, yielding CO2 and water vapour, both of which also contribute to the greenhouse effect.

In addition to its climate impacts, methane also affects air quality because it is an ingredient in the formation of ground level (tropospheric) ozone, a dangerous air pollutant.

Considering all these factors, having the capability to accurately measure CH4 has never been more important.

Luckily, Enviro Technology are able to provide a wide variety of CH4 instrumentation to suit almost any application.

Our suite of ABB-LGR Off-AXIS ICOS (Integrated Cavity Output Spectroscopy) analysers allow for extreme sensitivity whilst being rugged, and insensitive to temperature changes, shocks, and vibration. Additionally, the optics can also be easily serviced without any special tools or training.

Suited to any application, the Off-AXIS ICOS analyser range come in four configurations:

• Microportable

• Ultraportable

• Rackmount

• Enhanced performance rackmount

Ideal for, but not limited to, field studies such as:

• Soil flux measurements

• Greenhouse gas monitoring

• Natural gas leak detection

ABB / LGR microportable, Ultraportable, rackmount and enhanced rackmount analysers are available in the UK and Ireland from Enviro Technology Services Ltd.

More information on methane, the importance of measuring it and our range of methane analysers, can be found on our Methane air pollution factsheet here.

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Alternatively, if you’d like to speak to a specialist about your exact requirements, call ET on 01453 733200.

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